About Us

Qrio studio provides high-quality coaching for entrance exams like NID, NIFT, NATA, CEED, UCEED, Pearl and other Top design institutes of India and abroad at the graduate and post-graduate level. Qrio Studio is founded by an adept team of Designers, Engineers and architects. We render training for Studio Test, Situation Test, Design Aptitude and General ability test. We also conduct special sessions for Portfolio making and Interview Preparation.

Our vision is to provide exceptional quality coaching and guide thousands of fellow creative youngsters, to help them excel in their various design careers. Qrio is an educational portal that provides coaching for various kinds of entrance exams like NID, UCEED, NIFT, NATA and helps their students in achieving their dreams. It also prepares them for the interview sessions that are held after these examinations. Proper guidance and counseling are provided to the students so that they can achieve the best of everything through the kind of knowledge imparted to them. This entrance exam coaching is an ongoing process for about seven to eight months and Qrio makes sure that every single day is worth investing and they train and teach their students accordingly.

Many levels are to be passed on while preparing and reserving seats in the renowned institutes and university and Qrio makes sure that you are able to clear all of them through the knowledge provided to you by them . Various kind of courses like crash courses, online test series, short time courses for about three to four months are available and the students depending upon their capability and power of understanding and learning. Students choose according to their preferences. Many kinds of offers are provided to the current students so that they can avail various kind of benefits from qrio and they are very happy with that.

Furthermore many mock test serial in classroom programs are also provided for NID, UCEED, NIFT, NATA so that students can keep their performance record and many students have I proved through these actions. They work on their weak and strong areas once getting results from these mock series and students find this very useful and Qrio makes sure that all the mock series are in accordance with the actual entrance exams so that students are well aware of that kind of questions and the pattern for their examination.


Why Choose Us?


Students get higher number of prospects to work with different bands after gets qualified from our design institute; we place them in good companies.


Get educated by the well trained and highly qualified faculty from illustrious colleges. Many of those have excelled to do researches and scholars.


A comprehensive, point-wise, updated study material and many important notes get for exams and other knowledge about particular field to make you enroll.


Our Design institute has well arranged and latest technology based Smart Classroom for better way of learning and teaching i.e. more tempting for students.


Select your collage or entrance exam you want to apply for. You can select any option as per your interest.


QRIO Studio is lead by the alumni of prestigious institutions like NID, IIT & NIFT. We train students for the entrance exams of the most esteemed Design, Arts & Architecture colleges.


Our Happy Classroom

Our teachers work together across the curriculum, linking up subjects.student practice material handling, line drawing and group participation.

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